Tutorial: how to upload images
First you have to start the "upload window" with a click on the "Open" button:

Now you can choose the image from your harddisk and confirm your choice with the "Open" button:

To upload the image just click on "accepted & upload image" (1) - this click will be confirmed with the yellow highlighted text "Please Wait - Uploading Files" (2):

Copy link - example "Forum [BB] Code"
You will see a few links when the files are completly uploaded to the MinPic.de server. As an example, we take the Forum [BB] Code:

To copy this code, just click on the right row on "highlight" (1) (if you use the Internet Explorer, you will see "copy"), then click with your right mouse button on the highlighted field and choose "copy" (2):

If you use the Internet Explorer, you don't have to do the last step, because you have already copied the text with your click on "copy" (in the right row - instead of "highlight").

The content of your clipboard can easily be copied in your forum with "Insert" or using the hotkey STRG + v .

To insert the image in a blog or website post, just choose instead of "Forum [BB] Code" the "Website Code". If you only want to share the image by eMail or ICQ, the "Direct Link" should met your requirements.

If you want to delete the image, you should save the "Deletion Link" (Bookmark, Textfile, etc) - later you can open this bookmark and chose "Yes".

Have fun showing you pictures ;)